The Millenial Project - Bibliography

Marshall Savage put a huge amount of work putting together The Millenial Project, and gathered a very comprehensive bibliography for the book. The following links are directly from this bibliography, in the order presented.

Original Bibliography record Amazon link Additional notes/links
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Exploration of the Universe (Saunders Golden Sunburst Series)
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Ferrocement: Building with Cement
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The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Executive Summary available here
This might be available through the Library network
Air Supported and Frame Supported Structures Pre-Engineered or Custom Built for Multi-Industrial Uses. Tappan: ASATI (Air Structures Air Tech. International) brochure
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"Algae Fuel Petrol Research," New Scientist (24 Sept. 1987), p. 35 Article Image Available You can get a current subscription to New Scientist on
Allen, F.G. "Magnetic Electrostatic Shielding", NASA CR-153755, (March, 1967) The original study is available as a .pdf file, and we have downloaded a copy available here (PDF). Thanks to Larry Kellogg for helping us find the file!
Allman, William F. "Rediscovering Planet Earth," U.S. News and World Report (Oct 31, 1988), pp. 56-68 US News and World Report ended print publication in December of 2010. The Oct 31, 1988 issue should be available through your local library. We are looking for a scan of the original article pages.
Ames, B.N., R. Magaw, and L.S. Gold. "Ranking Possible Carcinogenic Hazards," Science, No. 236, (April 17, 1987), pp. 271-280. We're looking for an AAAS member so we can get a copy of the PDF. The April 17 1987 issue should be available through your local library.
"An Active Radiation Shield for Cylindrically Shaped Vehicles," Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, (July, 1971), pp. 773-776 Available here and here. A PDF copy has been requested. The AIAA, which publishes the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, has published many of their older issues into hardcover volumes. Here is an Amazon link for Vol. 8, July through December 1971.
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