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Our Favorite Authors

Ever since man gained the understanding that the Moon, the planets and the stars were not just art or pinpricks on the curtain of night, we have expressed our wishes to explore and travel in those faraway lands. The stories told around the campfire evolved into printed books, and science gained a foothold. The following authors continue the tradition of telling stories about our future travels into the curtain of night, and we celebrate and honor their vision!

Issac Asimov

Philip E. Barnhart & Steven Carr (Illustrator)

Stephen Baxter

Ben Bova

Sir Arthur C. Clark

Dr. Philip R. Harris

You can learn more about Dr. Harris at his website.

Syne Mitchell

Ingrid Moon

Ingrid is a former President of the Living Universe Foundation, and she has written a science fiction novel as well!

Gerard O'Neill

Kim Stanley Robinson

Carl Sagan

Robert Zubrin

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