The goals of the Living Universe Foundation are ambitious, and require global collaboration to be successful. A well structured, well resourced, and well supported organization is required. Ocean colonies, for example, will be designed and developed in small numbers, but initially their primary purpose will be as a proof of concept, and as a way to draw support on a large scale. Once critical mass is achieved, humanity will be ready to advance to higher levels of civilization. Foundation's primary tools for accomplishing these objectives are three institutions: the Foundation Community Network, Foundation Media, and the Foundation CIC (Community Investment Corporation).

At the moment the world is much too divided for the required level of collaboration. Its social systems focus on what makes us different, rather than what makes us similar. To move past this, a social evolution must occur, and it must occur soon. There are two ways for this to occur: either the majority of humanity wants a change, or else environmental and economic crises will force humanity to change. The Foundation's objective is to obtain the former, as the later is simply unacceptable.

Foundation CIC

The Foundation CIC is the organization through which the Foundation focuses on development of facilities and industrial capability. It is based on the idea of community co-investment in property and industry that has traditionally been the province of the private sector. The result will be returns on investment shared by an entire community, rather than a select few individuals. The Foundation CIC is intended to tie together all LUF communities and facilities, becoming a powerful yet collaborative engine of finance and progress.

Foundation Community Network

The Foundation Community Network is a program focused primarily on promoting marine, space, sustainable, and Post-Industrial development. This will be achieved through social networks of communication, promotion, and other group activities. As seen in the recent explosions of social media, the Internet is the optimal tool for such a network. The Foundation Community Network will eventually develop into a host of community projects and institutions intended to refine the strategic planning of LUF and develop its various new technologies and resources.

Foundation Media

Foundation Media is a media production firm that promotes the vision of the LUF and provides news and entertainment associated with its themes. Its primary function is to develop and distribute a visual depiction of the LUF and its many settlements, systems, vehicles, and technologies, and will serve as a source of initial architectural and industrial design.


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