We want to save the Earth's biosphere, settle the oceans and space, end hunger and poverty, utilize alternative sources of energy, bring about a better democracy and economy to the world, and generally provide a standard of living and quality of life far beyond anything mankind has ever experienced.

About Us

The Living Universe Foundation (LUF) was originally established as the First Millenial Foundation based on the book "The Millenial Project" by Marshall Savage. The current leadership of the LUF came together over the luf-team mailing list in early 2011 with the desire to revive and continue the vision originally presented by Mr. Savage.

Current Board Members:

  • President - Open
  • Vice President - Open
  • Treasurer - Dmitri Donskoy
  • Secretary - Tom Hanson
  • Visionary At Large - Eric Hunting
  • Executive Director - Keith Dauzat

Core Members

Founding Documents

These documents are being filed in the State of Colorado.